An Exhodon Habitat.
    The cylindrical hull section is 5 Km diameter by 10 Km long. The Endcaps are hemispherical.
The hull rotates once in 181 seconds, producing an internal gravity of 0.3g. The main mirrors and
their support structure do not rotate: the mirrors always face the sun, Shiner.
    Much detail is omitted from this image, due to the computational limitations of RS's home PC.
    The Glowrealm.
    Glower, almost a brown dwarf star, is orbited by the 120 million Habitats of the Inner Ring, the
giant moon Home in the Gap, then the 600 million Habitats of the Outer Ring. The Exhodon live in
the Habitats, the Hexapods only on Home.
    Home is tidally locked to Glower and orbits in 7.4 hours. This is a Homeday. The Hexapods live
on the Glowerside. Farside (facing outward from Glower) is a frozen wasteland. 
    A Habitat Endcap.
    Support beams for main mirror (out of screen) and spacecraft docking station (into screen).
    Main support tower with magnetic bearings, secondary and tertiary mirror support beams.
    The light from the main mirror is focussed to pass through the Endcap window (glowing at tower
    Endcap detail omitted due to lack of drawing time.
    A Jumper body.
    An exhodon helm, comfortably protected inside this little spacecraft, jumps from Habitat to
Habitat. The Jumper has no propulsion system, and is totally dependent on the Grabworms for
guidance. The body has 6 eyes per side. The tentacles are used for locomotion and for grasping the 
railing of the Jump Platform using the large claws. 

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    A Habitat interior landscape shown during the season of Dimness.
    The southern illuminator is not receiving enough Shiner light for full illumination, so it uses a
program which controls its 1000's of mirror facets to simulate the passage of clouds on a windy
day. The northern illuminator is receiving no light.
    This Habitat is currently undergoing remodelling. The trees are still growing, and no structures
such as low buildings or towers have yet been programmed to grow.